Roscoe and Gracie would like to welcome you.

They are Airedales, the largest of the Terrier family. And the smartest and the cutest and the best.

I let them do their own description and as you can see, they have attitude.  I have had Airedales for 20+ years and am hooked.

They are not just a dog, they are willful and witty and they are not for everyone. It is always a challenge. Some say they are hard to train. That is mostly because they are smart and get bored if you try to train them like you would other dogs. It is important to make them think they want to do it and keep it a game.

In our spare time we work for ATRA. That's Airedale Terrier Rescue. That is how I got Roscoe and Gracie.

Roscoe and Gracie